Morphing into Morphe: Morphe Brushes Review!

2015-07-26 10.16.13Having been a big fan of Sigma brushes and seen on numerous reviews/blogs/youtube videos (particularly Jaclyn Hill’s), Morphe being the cheaper and equally good equivalent, I was dying to try some! To my delight after spending months contemplating whether to buy them from the US, retailers in the UK began to stock them. So of course I had to order me some…

The Company:

Morphe Brushes Inc. is an American cosmetic shop based in Burbank, California. They also have an online site that stocks all their goods, including brushes and general makeup.

Where to buy in the UK:

Although you can buy Morphe brushes directly from the Morphe website, they also have some limited authorised online retailers here in the UK:

Beauty Chamber

Cocktail Cosmetics UK

I bought mine from Beauty Chamber, as they appear to have the largest range. Delivery is £3.45 but if you spend £50 its free.

The Cost:

The costs of brushes are much cheaper than Sigma. Starting at about £3.50+, they have various ranges but the UK seem to stock the Gun Metal, MB Black and Flawless collections.

Washing the brushes:

Like my Sigma brushes, I like to wash the Morphe brushes every couple of week in warm water and with baby shampoo. These brushes dry quickly but there does appear to be some fall out, especially with the face brushes.

On to the brushes…

I bought the following Morphe brushes:

  • G27 Pencil Crease Brush
  • G24 Blending Fluff Brush
  • E10 Tapered Concealer Brush
  • MB25 Deluxe Round Blender Brush
  • M174 Badger Oval Shadow Brush
  • M179 Angled Blush Brush

G27 Pencil Crease Brush

The G27 (from the Gun Metal range) is a pencil crease brush, boasting a lush silver handle. I use this to blend out both the crease of my eye as well as my lower lash. It is lovely and soft and gives a great smoked out effect.

G24 Blending Fluff Brush

20150723_221231 The G24 (from the Gun Metal range) is a blending brush. It is lovely and soft and does a great job blending out the crease up to the brow.

E10 Tapered Concealer Brush

20150723_221119The E10 is a tapered concealer brush. Although it is meant to be for concealer I purchased it to highlight my brow bone, which it is perfect for. It is a dense sleek brush so is also probably great for packing colour onto the lid.


MB25 Deluxe Round Blender Brush

The MB25 is a blending brush. It is really  soft, providing a great density for blending out eye shadow into the crease. I think it is a lot like the Sigma E40.


M174 Badger Oval Shadow Brush

The M174 is a shadow brush. Used for packing on colour over the lid. It a nice brush, but have to say not one of my favourites, mainly because it is not dense enough.


M179 Angled Blush Brush


The M179 is a blush brush. Its angled so provides a great cover of the cheek bones. It was a little dense when I first started using it, so hurt my face little but once it was washed it is much better!


The Morphe brushes are great quality for an amazing price. Definitely a cheaper and great equivalent to Sigma or the other higher end brands. Good value for money and lovely little brushes. Worth adding them to your collection!

*If you have time why not check out my Sigma Brushes Review!

Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Morphing into Morphe: Morphe Brushes Review!

  1. Arielle says:

    Love your post! I just bought 4 face brushes for my foundation and I can’t wait for them to arrive! I wanted to buy the one Jaclyn uses in all her tutorials but it was sold out.

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