Light up your lips: Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick and Lip Gloss Review!


Having seen Gerard Cosmetics used and reviewed by numerous US beauty youtuber’s I decided to purchase my first sample. Fortunately before doing so I found a great review by Wayne Goss (youtube makeup artist/reviewer) and took his advice on ordering a few specific ones!

The Company

Gerard Cosmetics is an American beauty company based in California, founded by current CEO, Jennifer Gerard. First establishing a BB illuminating facial cream, the brand found success from Whitening Lightning (a mobile teeth whitening service to the celebrities). From this the company began to produce their signature lighted lip glosses and Brow Bar to Go, along with other beauty products.


The Cost

You can purchase Gerard Cosmetics products directly from their website or through UK retailers Cocktail Cosmetics or Beauty Bay. There does however appear to be a slight price difference between the UK websites.

Cocktail Cosmetics retails the lipsticks at £12.50 and lip glosses at £14.95 (they do however provide bundle offers, at a slight discount!). Whereas, Beauty bay charges £11.50 for lipsticks and £15 for their glosses.

I purchased my first three; Butter Cream gloss, Rose Hill gloss and 1995 matte lipstick directly from Gerard Cosmetics as I obtained a discount code that included free shipping and 20% off. Delivery took approximately two weeks (which is pretty quick from the US) but I did have to pay custom charges which was 20% and a handling fee of £8. But given that I had the discount and free delivery it worked out fine!

The most recent GC lipstick purchase, Fairy Godmother, I ordered from Beauty Bay. As I was also purchasing some other bits shipping was free (for all orders over £15).


The Glosses


So of course, the main feature (other than the quality and colour of course!) is the light and mirror on these glosses. I must say I thought it was a bit gimmicky initially, but having used these glosses for well over a year, I can hand on heart say that this feature is amazing! Especially when I’m out on the town. It is also a great conversation starter as people (men and women) are drawn to the light emitted when I apply and touch up my pout!


(Image above: Rose Hill)


(Image above: Butter Cream)

The Lipsticks

The lipsticks, unlike the glosses do not come with a mirror or light feature. Instead they are elegantly shaped like a gold bullet donning the Gerard Cosmetics name rather than the GC logo.


(Image above: 1995 Matte)


(Image above: Fairy Godmother Matte)

Texture, Durability and Colour Payoff

As for the glosses….these beauties are soooo pigmented. They stay on forever and are really smooth, silky and shiny in texture. Their consistency is pretty thick so can be used either on their own or on top of lipstick. I tend to pair them with similar colours just to give added depth.

The lipsticks (I ordered) are matte consistency. So obviously less moisturising that the cream option. Like the glosses, the lipsticks colour payoff is great. They are completely opaque, preventing your lips from visibly showing through. Although I love a matte lip, I will definitely be purchasing some of their cream options, just to see how comparable they are to brands like Mac (which I love).

The Overall Verdict
I have to say GC are definitely one of my favourite brands for lip glossed and are now my go to lip products in my makeup box. The mirror and light provide a nice addition without making it hugely expensive. The lipsticks have great colour payoff and are elegant in presentation. All in all, I would definitely recommend you add a few to your collection.

*If you have time why not check out my LASplash Liquid Lipstick Review!

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Light up your lips: Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick and Lip Gloss Review!

  1. lipstickonthelake says:

    I’ve been really wanting to try Gerard Cosmetics too… I keep getting drawn back to their website! I’m not really into glosses, but those ones look really nice! I definitely want to try their lipsticks though! I love a good lipstick 🙂

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