Thinking Outside the Box: A Year of Glossybox Favourites


Given that it has been a year (!!) since I started my Glossybox subscription, I thought what better way to celebrate than a recap on my favourites for the past 12 months…

The Company

Glossy box is a British founded online company that offers a monthly subscription service for deluxe beauty products.

What You Get

 Each month you will get five deluxe beauty miniatures that have been carefully selected by a team of beauty experts. The beauty products delivered in each box are based on your beauty profile (that you complete at registration). Each month the contents are a surprise and consist of a mixture of mini and full sized products.

In addition to the products you get:

  • A beautifully designed and packaged box. Some months the box is a limited edition design. This is where Glossybox has collaborated with another company (either retailer, designer or artist) to produce the one off box.
  • Information cards, providing pricing, details and company information for each product.

The Cost

There are four plans that you can choose from:

  • 3 month plan which is £9.50 per month
  • 6 month plan which is £9 per month
  • Monthly plan which is £10 per month
  • 12 month plan which is £8.50 per month

On top of this is a delivery (Royal Mail) charge of £3.25.

I opted for the monthly plan initially. This allows you to cancel your subscription at any point. However, given that it is a year down the line and I still in love with this, I should probably consider changing my subscription.

Onto the favourites…

August 2015


Item:                        Eyelash Primer

Company:              Manna Kadar Cosmetics

Cost:                        £15.29 ($24)          


This primer is perfect if you fancy more volumised lashes. Just pop it on before your mascara and voila!

July 2015 – The French Box


Item:                        Lip Balm in “Delicieuse”

Company:              Lollipops Makeup

Cost:                         £4.15

Size:                         10ml


This is a great little lip balm that helps repair, protect and nourish tired lips. I tend to use it before I go to bed for night time replenishment.


Item:                       Enhancing Serum

Company:             Noxi Doxi

Cost:                       £33.46

Size:                        30ml


 I love this serum; I use it before moisturising to hydrate my skin. Lovely consistency.

May 2015


Item:                         Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel

Company:               Etre Belle

Cost:                         £15.93

Size:                          40ml


This moisturising gel is great for brightening the face and increasing elasticity. I tend to use it before I got to bed and its great as it does not leave you feeling sticky or wet like some gel moisturisers.


April 2015


Item:                        Pout Paint in “Rosette” shade 158

Company:              Sleek

Cost:                        £4.99

Size:                         8ml


This bright fuchsia lip stain is great on its own as a gloss or slightly smeared on the lips for a tint underneath other pout products. I tend to pair it with a lighter pink gloss during the day and have it on its own for a dramatic effect at night.


December 2014

 Item:                        Zap! Zap! Zap! Get That Chap – Day and Night Spot Stick

Company:              Anatomicals

Cost:                         £3.79

Size:                          7ml


Given that I am not blessed with spot free skin, I was a little dubious as to whether this would work. But it really is great. I generally use the night side before I go to bed and this seems to work a treat!


November 2014

Item:                         Miracle Worker

Company:               Umberto Giannini

Cost:                         £8

Size:                          125ml


This revitalising serum is great for dry, frizzy or coarse hair. It can be used before bed for deep conditioning or prior to blow drying to add shine. I find that using it when I let my hair dry naturally provides a soft, glossy a beautiful smelling result.


October 2014

Item:                         Lip Lift Peel

Company:               Etre Belle

Cost:                          £12.95

Size:                          15ml


This lip exfoliator is definitely one of my all-time favourites! Its delicate but amazing at making your lips feel refreshed. I use it the day after I have been on a night out in order to rehydrate my lips.


 Item:                       Crème Fraiche de Beaute Mask

Company:              Nuxe

Cost:                        £19.50

Size:                         50ml


This is a great rescue treatment to instantly sooth skin. It really does leave my skin feeling radiant and is great if you are feeling a little run down.


 Item:                        Flutter Mascara in “Carbon Black”

Company:               So Susan

Cost:                         £14.95

Size:                         4ml


 This lovely mascara elongates and thickens your lashes with just one application. I love the gold container, makes it look beautifully elegant.


 September 2014

  Item:                       More Brows Fibre Brow Gel in “Light/Medium”

Company:               Model Co Cosmetics

Cost:                         £14.95

Size:                          3.5ml


Although I tend to use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (which I will be posting a review on soon!) this little goody is great if you are in a rush or going for a more natural look. It adds colour and definition without being too harsh or sculpted.


August 2014


Item:                        Hand Cream in “Rose Berry Shea Butter”

Company:              Fig and Rouge

Cost:                         £3.95

Size:                         20ml


This little hand cream smells delicious and is a great travel size for your handbag or car. I tend to keep it at my bedside in order to moisturise after painting my nails.


Item:                        Hair Elasticizer

Company:             Philip Kingsley

Cost:                        £38

Size:                         250ml


Probably the most expensive on my favourites list is this pre-shampoo hair product. It really does what it says on the tin offering extra elasticity for tired hair. I find that if I am planning on doing a wavy or curly hair style (as my hair is naturally straight) this is a great product to use beforehand as it provides extra bounce and stretch.

The Overall Verdict

My overall verdict is that this is a great beauty box subscription, with a really good balance of makeup and beauty products, for a fabulous price! However, if you are looking for a box that is just make-up, this wouldn’t be for you. I recommend Glossybox if you love trying different products or are a bit of a newbie when it comes to experimenting!


Thanks for reading!

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    • Ksinc Beauty says:

      Thanks for the feedback Ashley. I haven’t tried any other subscriptions but have heard good things about Birchbox which is one of the originals when it comes to UK beauty box subscriptions ♡

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