All That Glitters: Morphe 35OS Palette Review!



The ever-popular Morphe Brushes 35O palette recently came back into stock in the UK and for days I umm’ed and ahhh’ed over whether to purchase it. Having seen beautiful looks created by various makeup professionals (and novices!) on Instagram and YouTube I was almost sold…until I accidentally came across the same palette, but A.L.L shimmer, so voila, I bring you the Morphe Brushes 35OS!

The Company:

Morphe Brushes Inc. is an American cosmetic shop based in Burbank, California. They also have an online site that stocks all their goods, including brushes and general makeup. Although initially popular for their reasonably priced and well made makeup brushes (Check out my review on this…) they are now also becoming known for their beautifully pigmented eye shadow palettes (used by the likes of Jaclyn Hill in her YouTube makeup tutorials).

Where to buy in the UK:

Although you can buy Morphe palettes directly from the Morphe website, they also have some limited authorised online retailers here in the UK:

Beauty Bay

Cocktail Cosmetics

Cult Beauty

I purchased mine from Beauty Bay – as I have mentioned in previous blogs, they offer a free, speedy and tracked delivery if you spend more than £15.

The Cost:

Morphe palette’s retail in the US from $19.99 – $22.99, whereas in the UK they retail for slightly more ranging from £22.00 – £23.95.

Beauty Bay was the cheapest retailer, with the 35OS palette costing £22; hence this is where I purchased mine. Unfortunately, since purchasing this palette Beauty Bay has now sold out of both the 35O and 35OS palettes.


Morphe Palette Collections

Morphe has a range of collections when it comes to their eye shadow palettes; in total they have 15 different palette’s ranging from bright neon shades to taupe or smokey.

The 35OS palette is part of the ‘Orange’ range, hence the ‘O’ after the 35 (35 represents the amount of shadows in the palette). This collection, for the first time is split into three different palettes. It includes the original 35O – which is a mixture of both shimmer and matte shadows, the 35OM – the matte version of the 35O palette and the 35OS – the shimmer version. This is the first time that Morphe has created a three part collection and I’m sure that with the success of the original 35O, it will do undoubtedly do well.


On to the palette…oh my!

IMG_1480 2

Morphe Brushes 35OS Palette

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 The Swatches

IMG_1485 2

Row 1 – Left to Right


Row 2 – Left to Right


Row 3 – Left to Right


Row 4 – Left to Right


Row 5 – Left to Right


If you would like to see a video in-depth swatch of these shadows check out Tati’s YouTube video! I love her enthusiasm!

TIP: If you really want your eyeshadow to pop, squirt your brush with Mac Fix+ prep and prime mineralised spray (check out my review for this!) before going in with the shadow.


  • Favourite colour from the palette: Row 3 Shade 6 (beautiful rose – gold colour) & Row 5 Shade 7 (stunning copper colour)
  • Least favourite colour from the palette: I couldn’t find one (and I’m normally pretty fussy!)



 All that glitters is DEFINITELY Gold!!! I am totally (and utterly) head over heals for the Morphe Brushes 35OS palette. The pigment to these are U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.A.B.L.E!! Seriously, there is not one shade that I dislike or that I think lets the palette down, they are all to die for. If you, like me are obsessed with shimmer this is the palette for you!



Thanks for reading!

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